About me

I’m Rafa, a Software Engineer currently working at Spotify, based in the lovely and sunny city of Granada, Spain.

I’ve been professionally creating software since 2014 when I finished my Master Degree in Computer Science -mHealthDroid as my dissertation- and moved to the UK looking for a job.

I consider myself a very pragmatic engineer, solution and delivery focused, that loves to lead teams to move fast while writing robust code.

I specialise on Android development, although I consider myself a generalist that enjoys working in any platform or challenge. I’ve had gigs where I was only focused in Android Development and others where I was meeting clients, scoping their projects, building the backend and the Android & iOS apps.

A bit of my working experience:

  • rippll as a Mobile Developer, where I had the chance to build a geo-location sdk along with some bespoke Android and iOS apps. Learned tons about moving fast and thinking big, no matter how tiny your company might be.
  • Sportlobster/10 as an Android Developer. The company was very fast-paced, which made me become a better developer (and communicator!) real quick. After a while I ended up leading the Android team.
  • Backpacking in Asia for 6 months. After 4 years of learning and working very intensively, my body and mind needed a break. I immersed myself in other cultures and had the best time of my life.
  • Back to earth, I joined Memrise as a Senior Android Developer, where I helped people learning languages and had the chance to work in a proactive medium-size organisation. I learned working in apps with many users comes with big responsibilities. By the end of my tenure I was leading the Android team.
  • DevelopIt. A company I founded along with two friends as a side job, specialising in building ad-hoc projects on the mobile health ecosystem with wearable devices. My responsabilities went from pitching projects, to building backends to mobile apps, basically building the projects end to end. I learned a lot about dealing with clients and understood that code is only a small part of success.
  • Spotify, my current role as a Senior Software Engineer, where I get to work in problems at a large scale and build new features for our passionate users. Loving it so far!

How am I outside work? A very normal guy I’d say. Love making jokes and keeping things fun. Really into sports, specially football and tennis. Traveling. Movies. Video-games. And a huge dog lover, please send me photos of your doggos to Twitter, the best place to find me and ask me about anything!